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Odds and Ends

Never finished things or things that are 'in the works':

  • Virus Hoaxes as Electronic Replicators
    This was to be an article about the differences between the different kinds of replicators, discussig subjects such as differential fitness, natural selection etc. (551 words so far - unfinished)
  • The Need for a multilingual  approach to the study of memetics.
    In this paper I wanted to defend the notion that there is not enough attention being payed to the linguistic backgrounds of potential memetic hoasts. It dealt withthe notion of multilingualism vs unilingualism, multiculturalism, code-switching and code-mixing, the choice of 'carrier' for a meme,... (1554 words so far)
  • The Place of Memetics in Science
    From the early stages on, memetics has been a widely contested discipline that fit in with a whole bunch of disciplines but always stood out in some way. In this article I tried to place memetics on a continuum scale between humanities and science. (1002 words so far)
  • Emerging problems in the current research of Virus Hoaxes
    During the second year of my PhD I discovered some obstacles in my research. In this paper I try to point out where the most prevalent difficulties lay in the further progress of my work. (969 words so far)
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