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About Me

Who makes this site?

My name is Klaas Chielens. I currently live in Brussels with my wife and two cats and work as a researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Brussels Free University). When I am not working on my PhD I spend my time with playing webmaster for several organizations. I have a special interest in medieval instruments and have been playing the Hurdy-Gurdy for a few years now in a group called het Brabants Bourdon Orkest (BBO). Besides that I have been involved in several student organizations at the university, was a president of SWAMP and was Consul Primus (FA) as well. I am also involved in an international organization for the study of studenttraditions.

I like to read fantasy but only the funny kind and am very fond of the books of Steven Brust and Terry Pratchett (among others). I play roleplaying games and boardgames but not quite as much as I'd like. Right now most of my time goes to the preparation of the baby-room and taking care of my wife (next to things like playing Guildwars and my music hobbies).

I occasionally publish something on my weblog, Muttering Heights.

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